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Video Surveillance Systems

Today video surveillance is a necessity for risk management and safety teams inside every business, industry and government organization and municipality. Steel Security is an experienced industry leader in designing, installing and servicing IP based video management systems. Steel Security has access to multiple Video Management Systems (VMS) to meet the various objectives and needs of our clients. Our factory-trained and certified team members are equipped to help develop solutions for organizations of any size or complexity.

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Surveillance Technology

In today’s world IP Surveillance systems are not just being used in the protection of people, assets, and systems but for many other objectives including operations management, quality control, and business development.

Generally, Surveillance systems serve as a security force multiplier, providing surveillance for a larger area, more of the time, than would be feasible with security personnel alone. Surveillance systems are often used to support comprehensive security systems by incorporating video coverage and security alarms for barriers, intrusion detection, and access control.

For example, a surveillance system can provide the means to assess an alarm generated by an intrusion detection or card access system and link to and record the event. Surveillance systems have many components with a variety of functions, features, and specifications that allow us to develop custom solutions to meet specific end-user objectives.

Surveillance technologies continuously undergo feature refinements to improve performance in areas such as digital equipment options, data storage, component miniaturization, wireless communications, and automated image analysis.

The components, configuration options, and features available in today’s surveillance market create a complex set of purchasing options that we can help end-users navigate to ensure they implement the solution that best fits their needs.

We have partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers of security and surveillance equipment. Through our experienced staff and partnerships, we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through our discovery and implementation process.

It is the pleasure of Steel Security, Corporation to provide information on the capabilities and limitations of Surveillance components that will aid an agency procuring a new Surveillance system or upgrading an existing one!